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BlackJackRanch – Hellertshausen

We are from Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and we have seen some things from all over the world. Now we live in the ‘Hunsrück’ low mountain range, where we’ve found this beautiful farmhouse. There is about 12 ha of grassland, tree yard and stables so no lack of space. We are social people and enjoy hosting for our guests.

The ranch

On the edge of the picturesque Hellertshausenstands the oldest house in the village. The house that villagers call “Brunge”, was built in the 18th century. The old lattice techniques are well reflected in the construction of the house. Until the 90s, the house served as a farm.

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Bed and breakfast

We are happy to announce the fact that we offer brand new rooms for rent.

The rooms enjoy a panoramic view on the beatiful landscape.


Part of our property has been renamed to campground. We offer the possibility to setup your own tent or holiday caravan. Campsites include electricity and use of our luxurious bathroom.

All campers can use our brand new luxury bathroom with a urinal, toilet, large shower and a sink.

Rent a holiday caravan

Our own holiday caravan is also available for rent. Peacefully and provided with sufficient luxury, this caravan is a good option for anyone.The unit is 5-person caravan of the brand Kip.

It’s equipped with a fixed double bed (1.4 x 2m) on one end of the caravan. On the other end there’s a round bench which can be converted to a bed for 3 children or 2 adults. There’s also a small bathroom with chemical toilet and a sink. And there’s a kitchenette with a refrigerator and a 3 burner stove.

Sleeping in the hay

Are you looking for a cheap way to pass the night in a beautiful farm-like style, but you don’t want to bring a tent or caravan? Traditionally sleeping in hay is a perfect solution for you. For individual or groups up to 10-15 pers.

Of course with the use of our earlier mentioned bathroom.


Bed and breakfast

  • 1p.  €30 per night / €180 per week
  • 2p.  €50 per night / €300 per week


  • Caravan or camper €15 per night
  • Tent €10 per night

Rent a caravan

  • 1p. €20 per night / €120 per week
  • 2p. €30 per night / €180 per week

Sleeping in the hay

  • Adults €7.50 per night / €45 per week
  • Children €6 per night / €36 per week

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Credit cards



Possible from €5

Car park

Enough space



*: Prices are estimates and are subject to change. For the most recent prices, please check the website of this accommodation.

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Rinus en Nellie Verfuurden
Unterdorf 2
55758 Hellertshausen
Tel: +49 (0)6786292765

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Experiences from previous visitors

Stay: May 2011

Written on 24 April 2012 by Nick (Friends, age 26-34)


Ik ben met een groep vrienden een lang weekend op de BlackJackRanch verbleven. Dit is super goed bevallen! Rinus en Nellie zijn zéér vriendelijke mensen en zijn uiterst gastvrij.

De omgeving is heel mooi. Ikzelf heb alleen hardgelopen en gemountainbiked in de Hünsruck. Vrienden hebben urenlange motortochten gemaakt. Hier voor schijnt de omgeving ook ideaal te zijn.

Ik kan BlackJackRanch dan ook echt aanbevelen bij mensen die een mooi plaats zoeken om te overnachten in de Hünsruck.

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