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Bruges and Breakfast – Brujas

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Mevrouw Krista Viaene
Koningin Elisabethlaan 56
8000 Brujas

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Alojamiento: noviembre 2011

Registrado en 22 noviembre 2011 por A.G. (Pareja, edad 26-34)

Bruges and Breakfast

We chose this b&b for a romantic night in Bruges because the presentation on the website was lovely and it inspired relaxation and comfort. However we had neither of those. First of all we were charged 20 euros extra for staying one night (they let us know about this before booking so it wasn't too bad). Secondly we realised that we weren't given a room key so this made it feel like we were guests in someone's house which was a bit weird. The location is close to the old centre but being on a heavy traffic street it was quite noisy (earplugs were provided for this matter). The wardrobe is in the small room but when we were there it was full of clothing and objects presumably belonging to the owners which added to the feel of being guests in someone's house. No luggage so it wasn't a problem but if we wanted a longer stay it might have been tricky. The main room is big with a very nice bed and tastefuly decorated, the bathroom as well. The toilet however was in a separate room with no heating and with only a sheet of glass on the ceiling separating it from the outside so using it in winter consisted in a very unpleasant experience. The heating was a problem in itself which we discovered when coming back from the centre at midnight and discovered the radiators were completely cold. When complaining about it we were told that this is not an appropriate hour to disturb them (they were asleep) and that the heating is turned off at 10 pm so we should comply with the rules of the house. Considering the outside temperature was a little over 0 you can imagine how cold it was so an extra blanket wouldn't have solved the problem. Getting out of the shower was an adventure as well with body towels the size of face towels. When getting annoyed about this and after a second attempt at solving the problem we were told to be quiet as the children were sleeping upstairs and even suggested that we go find a hotel if we don't like it. Apparently we were being absurd and the owner said he wouldn't turn the heating on in the entire house just for us. Eventually he did it but the night was ruined and the whole argument exhausting. I don't know if this is a Belgium thing, if people turn off the heating at night to save money. However if you expect guests from all over the world to come stay with you and charge them at hotel rates either keep it on or have a separate circuit for that area of the house.
We didn't stay for breakfast in the morning but from the looks of it, it was pretty bland and definitely not as big as advertised on their website: just jam, butter, tea or coffee, no croissants, eggs and bacon, no milk, no fruit.
In conclusion, too many problems for the money we paid. It is a shame because the place looked really good. We would have been better off going to a hotel or any other b&b as I've generally had good experiences with them.