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Our residence radiates comfort and cosiness, the inhabitants are hospitable and at your service. Our medieval city of Ghent has so much to offer that it is here impossible to enumerate all activities or places of interest. Log on to site www.gent.be and you will immediately find dates of activities corresponding to your stay.

A bit of history
Behind the walls of the Beukelaar street is hidden an impressionable example of industrial archaeology. Along the Groendreef one can also find in the clay-bakery ‘Colpaert’ a great deal of the antiquities. Starting with the flourishing traditional brickyard trade to the contemporary ‘bed and breakfast’ was an enormous step, it brings us back to 1833.
At the time the German family Keller produced fireproof pipes wherein cokes were vaporized for the street lighting of Ghent. In 1863 Jan Sugg and Cie. took over the company then named ‘Produits Réfractaires et Céramiques’. After the invention of electricity in 1890 it was necessary to find a new line of production and so was introduced the making of fireproof bricks for industrial applications and for steam generators. In 1895 the site was divided in three sections. One part was owned by De Meyer (later sold to Colpaert) and remained a brick manufacturing company. The second part was sold to Van Kerkhove & Gilson which turned it into a file cutting factory and the third part (Absolute Home) became the property of Mr. Sommer. Mr. Sommer is registered in the ‘Wegwijzer van Gent’ as aircraft builder and lives there for five years. In 1900 Mr. P. Glaude moves in as timber dealer. In 1920 the premises are sold to L. Otten, a smith and carriage builder. Hiring out coaches was also his speciality, witnesses of this can be found in the grooves ground in the walls of the entry gate at the height of the hub of the carriage wheel, there must have passed a great number of them in the seventeen years he lived here to leave such a mark. From 1927 on, the house was in hands of Noppe Josephus. He began a jam factory. He died in 1973 and his wife who remained there died in 1990. Her three inheritors sold the property to us. A thorough renovation started and now in 2005 is almost completed. The result is worth seeing and enjoying, come and see for yourself.

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Room: downstairs
You lodge in the downstairs floor of the medieval director’s residence. Thirty-six square meters of contemporary comfort surround you and of course an agreeable temperature is assured winter and summer. Cosiness and style are our master ingredients. A lot of attention has been focused in the renovations on quality and workmanship. There is a comfortable rattan sofa bed and double bed, the room is decorated very tastefully.
Have a coffee on the welcome counter and enjoy...
In the bathroom you will find a large triangular bath, and a thermostatic tap with comfort nozzle will also offer you a most agreeable shower, a toilet, a wash basin. And then to top it all. Once awakened by the morning light of Ghent you can choose for a romantic breakfast brought on your bed or on the terrace while you enjoy the dew drops on a table rose, or take a seat at our country table inside.

  • 1 pers     70 euro
  • 2 pers     90 euro
  • 3 pers     110 euro
  • 4 pers     130 euro

15% extra for a stay of one night

+ 15% extra in July and August

Credit cards






Car park

for free, also inside during the night if required


1 for men, 1 for woman, 7.5 euro for one day for one bicyle




yes but smoking only outside

Disabled persons


Internet / wireless access

yes for free

*: Prices are estimates and are subject to change. For the most recent prices, please check the website of this accommodation.

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Chantal Smet
Beukelaarstraat 33
9000 Ghent
Tel: +32(0)475 24 24 11
Mobile: +32(0)475 24 24 11
Website: www.absolutehome.be

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